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Nov 18, 2012 05:29 AM

Fastest/easiest sweet potato recipe needed for Thanksgiving

I'm in the worst time squeeze ever for Thanksgiving. Formerly Ioved entertaining for my favorite holiday but this week I see no way I'm gonna get it all done.

So I'm searching for something fast for the sweet potato dish (not canned, of course).


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  1. Why not just roast them in their skins? Nothing easier than that!

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      1. re: magiesmom

        If the oven is in high demand for other things, microwaved "baked" sweet potatoes are also delicious. We eat them straight from the skins, nothing added.

        1. re: pine time

          Normally I microwave whenever possible but I do think baking sweet potatoes in their skins (Westminstress calls this roasting but I think to most people, roasting implies peeled chunks tossed in oil first) yields a better flavor than nuking them. As with regular potatoes, it works fine to nuke them halfway, then use the oven.

          The oven heat caramelizes the flesh just beneath the skin, deepening the sweet potato flavor. They are so tasty that I don't even add butter or seasoning of any kind and believe me, I am NOT someone who normally enjoys an unadorned cooked vegetable. I would not serve them in their skins, which are more leathery and less tasty than regular potato skins. They peel easily after baking. Either serve them whole, or mash them up and drizzle with a small amount of melted butter. Note: though you can bake a regular potato right on the oven rack, sweet potatoes will ooze syrup so put them on a pan to avoid a blackened mess on the oven floor.

      2. re: Westminstress

        Or you can wrap in foil and pierce with a fork. I do this and then throw them in the oven with anything else in there. They are somewhat steamed (but not totally due to the piercings). They keep warm in the foil while other dishes are being plated, the turkey carved or whatever. Easier (by far) than pie. :)

      3. Thanks to all for your kind replies.

        Yes, baked sweet potatoes are wonderful, and we have them often as a main dish.

        I guess I was thinking of a (slight) level above that. I usually bake them, peel, quarter, and put melted butter on top, with other things that vary.

        Apparently nothing is easier than that. ">))

        If I did them Tuesday, would they be ok for Thursday?

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        1. re: laredo

          If I were doing them ahead I would scoop them out of their skins, mash them with some butter or coconut milk ( marvelous with sweet potatoes) and put them away. On Thursday I'd warm them up ( microwave ok for this use) and then sprinkle them with some toasted pecans.

          I also love them mashed with some raosted celeriac, which adds a mysterious flavor.

          1. re: laredo

            They'll keep well in the refrigerator. Also, leftovers freeze perfectly. Recently I baked a large sweet potato along with a speckled-yellow plantain, and mashed the peeled cooked results together, which is a nice variation though maybe banana is too exotic, depending on your audience.

          2. well, here's another idea...if you can find it, buy delicata squash. Wash it, halve it, scoop out seeds and cut it into the shapes you want, chunks, planks, half moons, etc. Roast as you would any veg, on a baking sheet @ 400-450, tossed with olive oil, salt, pepper. The main advantage of the delicata squash is you eliminate the peeling and it's every bit as sweet as sweet potatoes. you could toss on some brown sugar if you must, but it's not needed.

            That's what I'm going to do this year!

            1. Maybe not fastest but definitely no-fuss and easy. Peeled and chunked in roasting pan. LIBERAL amount of melted butter to coat. Big GLUG of hot sauce. Liberal amount of maple syrup or brown sugar. Into 350 oven and turned maybe every 20 minutes. Once soft enough for a fork to go in easily... done. Whatever sugar you use (syrup or brown) will be like candy. Can be dumped into microwave serving dish and zapped for a minute or 2 to reheat. TIP: do NOT try to grind up sweet potato peels in disposal... had TWO T-Days in a row with CLOGGED sink... luckily dinner was NOT at my house either time!

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              1. re: kseiverd

                SO TRUE about the skins and the disposal!

                This is how I'm serving sweet potatoes on Thursday: cook a few days before. Mash w some chipotle chili. On Tday: put layer of chopped pecans and butter on top. Heat in oven. Apply some more butter, squeeze of lime, serve.

              2. I would peel, chunk and roast in oven with olive oil, salt and rosemary.