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Nov 18, 2012 05:08 AM

How do you take your beef stew?

What is your ideal soaking/dipping/slurping vehicle for beef stew? I grew up having it over egg noodles, but I know many prefer a good biscuit or roll to dunk in it. Do you have any fabulous recipes for either the stew or the roll/biscuit/bread/noodle? I am currently considering the recipe in the Cook's Illustrated Best Recipes cookbook.

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  1. Either a chunk of good bread or egg noodles. We always had egg noodles with any kind of pot roast or stew. :)

    1. For me it has to be creamy mashed potatoes with lots of whole gloves of roasted garlic added after mashing. Nirvana. BTW, I don't put potatoes in the stew. And NO celery! Just pearl onions and carrots and whole button mushrooms and the stew meat obviously must be the fattier end of the 'chuck shoulder'.

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        Oh, how could I forget mashed potatoes!! That is how my husband likes it, too. You can tell I haven't made it in a while.

      2. My mother always made carbonade a flamade (spelling?). Since it had potatoes in it she would usually serve it with popovers.

        I am a sucker for popovers and yorkeshire pudding. I am not really a fan of the stew though.

        1. I like a good crusty bread. While I get the appeal of mashed potatoes, I ADORE the way potatoes taste when they've been cooked in the yummy stew "juice". Mmmmm.

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            Must be a Canadian thing...I, too, love the way stewed potatoes taste.

            My Mom made dumplings IN the finished stew as well as potatoes WITH the stew. But then, I grew up in an era that did not know that there was anything bad with too many carbs.

            Starch was there to be used to fill the gaps in the appetites of men who fished and farmed for a living and women simply took smaller portions and ignored the plate of bread that was inevitably passed down the table along with that stew!

          2. I too grew up with egg noodles, but never really liked that. We did mashed potatoes for years, but lately have enjoyed a soft polenta instead.