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Nov 18, 2012 02:27 AM

Korean - Soft Tofu Soups

I am looking for something I both love, and find to be the best cure for the common cold on Planet Earth. In Nashville, I got hooked on the soft tofu soup with kimchi at a place called So Gong Dong. It was served in a boiling caldron with the usual accompaniments (including a raw egg). It had meat in it, but not very much. The few scraps of beef seemed to be there more for flavor than to be a main protein. Mainly it was tofu, boiling hot spicy broth, and kimchi. Where in Philadelphia can I find something extremely similar (or even better, exactly the same) and hopefully just as delicious?

Please help! I feel a cold coming on...

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  1. Jong Ka Jib Soft Tofu Restaurant 6600 N 5th St
    Philadelphia, PA 19120
    (215) 924-0100

    Its in East Oak lane section of the city... but everyone says its the best.

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      This place probably is the best place to get it. But every Korean restaurant I have been to in Philly has it, not hard to find. It's called soondubu. There are even fast food versions at the HMart food court.

      1. re: cwdonald

        Thanks for the recommendation. I went there, and found it to be just terrific. I'll be back there. Often.

        1. re: StrandedYankee

          Do they also serve tofu soup using the traditional kind of tofu?

          1. re: borntolovefood

            It was the soft, silky stuff in mine. It was lovely and delicious.

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              cwdonald, it's the best soondubu I've found so far!

              Just went two nights ago. The place looked to be about half-full close to 8P. Prompt service, both Asian and non-Asian clientele.

              I had the very spicy seok oh (beef, shrimp, clams and/or oysters) soondubu and my friend and I shared a plate of their galbi. The broth was decent (but could have used more salt from dried fish) while the dubu itself was really great. Large hunks of silken tofu. Served with a raw egg, dolsot bap (the rice is cooked in the stone bowl so that the rice develops that critical crust), and tea, to make juk with the rice crust.

              Their banchan were hit-or-miss. I didn't enjoy their style of Napa kimchi, but their spicy cucumbers were good.

              The galbi was good. While the marinade was not amazing, I would order it again. It was served on a hot cast iron plate on a bed of onions.

              Has anyone tried Mui Mui yet? It's across the street in the shopping plaza with Paris Bakery. One of the owners said they opened up shop a couple of months ago. I think it used to be Han Chon, which had the best sollongtang in the area...