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Nov 18, 2012 12:09 AM

Comida Mexican Taqueria in Salem?

I recently read a Globe reference to this place near the PEM. Has anyone tried it? The website describes that the owner worked for 4 yrs. at Ole in Cambridge, so that puts me on alert from the start. Also, they put cheeese and lettuce on all their tacos.hmmmmmm....On their website, there are photos of the perky interior but none of the food. Thx much.

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  1. Don't bother, small hole in the wall place that encourages you to take out whether you want to or not. The up sell on add ons will bring your five dollar burrito to 12 dollars pretty quickly. Stick to the Howling Wolf, consistent and a good value. Wrapture in Beverly on Cabot Street also does great burritos as well as healthy stir fry.

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      drew, thx for saving me. btw, OT from my own thread, but have you tried Thai Market in Mrbhd? Our regular waitress at 5CornersKitchen today- loves it and esp their Drunken Noodles (though they don't seem to grok the word 'mild', according to her- so heads up!)

    2. Yes, I have had their Pad Thai and it was quite good. I prefer Thai Thani in Swampscott which is about a ten minute drive and is located across from the beach. It has been there for over twenty years and it is still owned by the original female owner. The quality of the food matches the service, both excellent.