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Nov 17, 2012 08:34 PM

Indian suggestions Long Island area

Good day Mates!
Hello there my name is Gerard and I am not from the New York region. I am in town visiting my family in Long Island,NY and I am seeking good Indian food in the region to take my dear cousins to as a thank you gift for being so hospitable with me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. New Chili & Curry, if u want indian just eat from that portion of the menu. But I suggest trying items from the Indian/Chinese section of the menu too.

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    1. re: jpf1980

      You can't do better anywhere. But not fair not to warn the OP that the wait can be very long, it's always mobbed and it's very tiny. It's so worth it, though.

      1. re: mcf

        i've never waited for a table there, so it didn't occur to me to give that warning. Get there before 6:30 on a Friday or 5:30 on a Saturday and your good to go.

        1. re: jpf1980

          I've never not waited, except for lunch! Or when we wait til 8:30 or more like 9 pm on weekends to show up.

          1. re: mcf

            Ditto for not having waited. So long as we get there by 5:30 or so, there seem to be tables available. By the time we get our meals, thought, there's a line at the door.

            1. re: Scott_R

              We're running on very different biological clocks. ;-) That line typically goes out the door and onto the steps and sidewalk, even in very cold weather.

    2. Where ON Long Island? It's not IN Long Island. A pet peeve, sorry.
      We like Curry Club in Stony Brook.

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      1. re: Motosport

        I'll see that peeve and raise you! Drives me crazy, too, but I give up fighting it. New Chilli and Curry beats Curry Club by a mile, but I like CC, too. Used to live out that way and enjoyed it. Plus, you fall in love with the owners at NCandC.