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what cut beef to braise for pasta sauce

what cut beef would you use to braise in preparation for a pasta sauce?
since it's being braised, I guess a tough/cheaper cut would work.
the juices could also be used.

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  1. Flank (in the vein of ropa vieja).

    1. You could also use Chuck Roast....but i would opt for either Osso Bucco, Short Ribs or Oxtails

      1. Short ribs are my favorite. But you could use any stew/pot roast cut or even shanks or ox tail depending on how rich a sauce you want.

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        1. I would use anything cheap wirh a bone, also pork as in a sausage and ribs or bone in shoulder sliced by the butcher.

          1. Oxtail makes wonderful ragu for pasta or gnocci.

            1. Oxtails or short ribs. Good beefy flavor in both that really devlopes in a braise.

              1. I've used beef cheeks and gotten delicious results.

                1. I prefer pork, does it have to be beef?

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                    you're so right, coll, I forgot all about pork and using it instead of beef, thanks

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                      Country style ribs work great here.
                      Be sure to get the fatty ones that are reddish in color ... http://www.google.com/imgres?q=countr...

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                        Since pork is OK, I was going to recommend country ribs too. Most bang for the buck.

                        1. re: coll

                          I agree. Plenty of bang for about $1.69 - $1.99 a pound. And tender too !!

                      2. re: sylvan

                        Beef: short ribs, oxtails, cheeks

                        Pork: shoulder, spare ribs

                        1. re: John E.

                          Are pork cheeks available in the US? If so, they make fabulous "low-and-slow" dishes.

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                            I've seen pork cheeks here in the NYC area in specilaty shops and butchers.

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                              I have not seen the in the meat department of regular grocers but they are available at meat markets that serve a more ethnic client.