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Nov 17, 2012 07:55 PM

looking for great atlanta restaurants where we wont be evil-eyed for bringing two small kids

hi. my family is traveling to atlanta next week for thanksgiving, and i am looking for some restaurants where we can get some awesome meals, despite having the kids with us. obviously, these shouldnt be the fanciest places in town, just cool, quintessential atlanta places that we'll want to come back to time and again. we've been to atlanta many, many times, but we never seem to find the great places to eat. please help! thanks!!

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  1. Try Priccis. Ior Alfredos. Antico pizza

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      When we first arrived in Atlanta, we had a terrific panini at Toscano & Sons Italian Market and then on to the High Museum. After that, we went on to the next stop of our Italian bonanza through Atlanta and hit Antico.

      Antico was very impressive in terms of quality of the pizza given the sheer volume of pizza they produce. We were there I'd say at 4:30 and it was only slightly less packed then when we stuck our heads in at noon (line out the door to wait). The margherita pizza was absolutely perfect, though the cheese in the calzone may have been a tad on the salty side to me.

    2. Here's a previous post with some additional suggestions:

      My recommendation would be Empire State South.

      1. Some folks on this board debate whether it's worth the visit, but Flip Burger is good for kids. My son won't eat burgers, but they make him a grilled cheese and he loves the sides (like sweet potatoe tots) and shakes.

        1. I have three kids and here's what's coming to mind....
          JCT Kitchen
          Silver Skillet
          The West Egg
          Carver's Kitchen
          Six Feet Under
          Sublime Doughnuts (right down the street from Antico Pizza)
          Urban Pl8
          Any of the thousand burger joints (everyone has an opinion about them all)
          Muss and Turners

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            hi. thanks so much! this looks like a great list! we just got to town late last night, so I will google these immediately! I appreciate everyone's responses.

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              What area of town are you in? We live in Decatur and have always been treated wonderfully at No. 246. It's right next door to Leon's. (They have a relatively high noise level.) Also in Decatur, Revolution Donuts has a little play kitchen area for little ones.

          2. We had a late lunch on Sunday at Fritti and it was quite nice! The grilled shrimp appetizer was extremely flavorful and perfectly prepared. Yum! Yum!

            That was followed by a Calzone alla Napoletana. You can order it baked or fried, and I am telling you the fried calzone may possibly be the best thing I've ever had. Maybe not "ever," but soooo good. Absolutely delicious.

            I love that neighborhood that Fritti and Sotto Sotto are in - so cool and hip!