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Nov 17, 2012 07:44 PM

What kind of knife do I need to cut bones?

I have these short ribs but there the big whole ribs. I want to cut them into little riblit cubes, a kitchen knife cant cut them. Is there a type of knife I can get for recipes that call for cutting up raw meat with bones? Can they be cut without machines they use at the butcher shop? Is there a knife I can get for home use? Are they really expensive?

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    1. I suggest a cleaver which should not be difficult to find. The prices range wildly but you do not have to spend a lot of money on one.

      1. If these are beef ribs, consider a hacksaw or power tools to crosscut the ribs. I'd be concerned that the bones would chip/splinter with a cleaver. If you are able, you might be able to take them to the store where you purchased them and have them run through the bandsaw at the end of the day before they break it down for cleaning.

        1. I would opt for a bone saw for thick bones like you describe. A saw is an inexpensive lifetime investment. Here is a site with several sizes. Just scroll down and good luck.

          1. With due respect to can separate the meat from the bone....or you can separate the ribs individually.....but if you want a clean cut through the bone....the only way to do so is with a band saw. A hand held saw ill bring an undesired meaning to butchering the meat....assuming you are looking for a Flanken Cut or Kalbi Cut.

            At best, a cleaver will splinter the bones, not cut them

            You can always remove the meat completely from the a Boneless Short Rib....slice and marinate as you wish to the desired thickness if intended for grilling...or leave whole, for roasting.