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Nov 17, 2012 07:11 PM

Noodles UWS

Is there such a place? I know all about the other noodle places but there is nothing decent I know of on the UWS (and please don't recommend Ollies).
How about the theater district?

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  1. don't want Ollies... China Fun then (ha ha.. it may be a little worse than Ollies)

    If you mean chinese noodles... we really don't have good chinese here at all. The Raman at Jin on 125th is great though. Midtown West has a lot of ramen of varying quality (there are many threads on that)

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    1. re: dyrewolf

      As much as I do not consider Shun Lee a good alternative, when I do go there with others who wish to, I limit my choice to one good thing for me -- their soup noodles with vegetables. I find a bowl filling and satisfying. I only wish there were another similar place for noodles without having to go to the LWS.

      1. re: arepo

        There has been recent discussion here os a Japanese place on 72nd between Bdway and West End, Yasaka that has some noodle options. Place has gotten good reviews. I intend to check out the sushi and will post, why don't you check the noodles and let us know

          1. re: dyrewolf

            i went last week after reading some of the comments here. i didn't post about it because i'm not an authority on sushi. however, i left unimpressed and fairly sure i wouldn't return.

            i ate alone at the counter and watched as the chefs carelessly handled cuts of fish, tossing unused pieces into the case unconcerned with where they landed. by the time i left, there was cut fatty tuna pieces flung all over the other cuts. that's the same fatty tuna that was served to me at nearly $9 per piece for sashimi.

            the warm sautéed mushroom salad was a good start. with shiitake, beech, and enoki, the dish was well priced and well portioned. the tempura dishes were very light and nicely fried but flavorless, including maitake, which normally has such a strong flavor. the maki and sashimi were fine, but not better than average and more expensive. i didn't try a noodle dish, so no comment there.

            1. re: coasts

              Thanks Coasts. I may still have to stop in and see if it is an option for sushi in the nabe... but it is good to have expectations tempered...