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Nov 17, 2012 07:05 PM

Layover in Miami - lunch suggestions?

Hi everyone,
My husband, baby daughter (almost 10 months) and I will be in Miami on Nov 30 for a 6 hour layover. We are renting a car and are looking for a place to grab a delicious lunch. Nothing formal, someplace baby friendly.
Last time we were in Miami was in 2007, and we enjoyed Jaguar and Chispa (which seems to have closed). I really like the menus at Pubbelly and Bazaar, but they are only open for dinner from what I can tell. My Ceviche sounds good but my husband does not eat any seafood so it`s out. Michael`s Genuine is one contender but I`m looking for other ideas before deciding. My preference would be something with a South American twist, but it`s not a must.
Thanks! :)

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  1. Michael's Genuine is a very safe bet.....One of Miami's very best and just minutes from the airport.....Graziano's is an excellent Argentinian that's the South American they serve incredible beef....and fabulous italian dishes as well.....The original Graziano's on Bird Road is best......You can go to Joe's Stone Crab....your husband can dine on their fabulous fried chicken while you eat stone crabs......Versailles is close to the airport and it's a landmark Cuban restaurant......Chispa is history.....Jaguar remains great.....

    Ft. Pierce, FL

    1. Chispa is long gone. Pubbelly and Bazaar are both dinner only. My Ceviche will not work for a non-seafood eater.

      Michael's Genuine is still great. Jaguar is still around and though I've not been for some time, it's a steady place. They also have a sister restaurant in Coral Gables, Talavera, which does Mexican reasonably well by Miami standards and has a nice lunch menu.

      For a "South American twist" consider also Graziano's (Argentine), Francesco (Peruvian), Doggi's Churrasqueria (Venezuelan), all in Coral Gables and pretty accessible to the airport.

      For something different, I'd also throw Sugarcane in Midtown into the mix. Menu offers mostly small plates type stuff: crudos, tapas, sushi, and robata grilled items plus a couple bigger items - the tapas and crudos are the best of the bunch.

      1. Thank you for all the suggestions... My mouth is watering reading joe stone crabs and sugarcanes menus. Will leave the final choice to hubby :)

        1. And again, and for a difficult to understand reason, Colombia is under represented. With a rentes car, I'd drive to Pueblito Viejo.
          8285 SW 40th Street, Miami
          (305) 551-4650
          Excellent food, Colombian music in a beautifully decorated restaurant.
          Enjoy Colombian food and excellent service. That is unless the layover is before going to Colombia. In that case try something else

          1. Thank you everyone for the great suggestions. I've made notes of Pueblito Viejo and Graziano's for next time :) We really enjoyed Joe's Stone Crab and have already recommended it to others headed down to Miami soon!