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Nov 17, 2012 07:01 PM

Good places to purchase "rare" sodas?

I would like to put together a variety pack of root beer for my husband, as a gift. There are some available online, but the shipping rates are incredibly high. If I have to do it that way, I will, but I have time on my hands and wouldn't mind checking out a bunch of shops. Any recommendations for places that carry a good assortment of regional, craft, and harder-to-find root beer?

I live in Western Queens and am open to suggestions for anywhere in Queens/BK/Manhattan. Should I also post this on Outer-Boroughs or would that be considered a duplicate post?

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  1. FreshDirect has Sprecher (my favorite) and Saranac (my husband's).

    I think Fairway carries Sprecher as well.

    Whole Foods usually has a decent selection.

    And there's often some interesting stuff in the case at Murray's Cheeses.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thanks! I did already check out Fresh Direct and saw both brands you mentioned. I also have Amazon Prime and can get six-pack of bottles of Abita, Gales, Frostie, Saranac, Sea Dog, Dogs n Suds, Dad's, XXX something or other, and Buckin' with no shipping cost. Of course, six-packs of any of these are over $25. I was hoping to get more variety buy only buying one or two bottles of about a dozen brands. That said, I have a a question should I decide to go the four six-packs route: what brands would appeal to a man who loves root beer, so clearly appreciates the spiciness of it, but also likes a sweeter touch? I personally have a strong distaste for root beer, so I am useless in this discussion. You seem to know your root beer stuff. :)

      And any excuse to make a trip to Murray's works for me.

      1. re: Justpaula

        Sprecher is definitely lighter and sweeter whereas Saranac I find more medicinal.

        BTW, FreshDirect sells Sprecher in four packs.

        This may interest you:

      2. re: kathryn

        American Beer in Brooklyn on Court St. They carry stuff you've never even heard of.

      3. Sunrise Market and M2M have been carrying some of the limited edition Japanese Pepsi like Lemon and Salty Watermelon. Chelsea Market Baskets carries some stuff from the UK and a few small batch US producers. Some of the british grocery stores have Tango. Bangkok center has thai Fanta.

        1. The Upper East Side Fairway is located a block away from City Swiggers, which is a craft brew store that also stocks root beer and specialty sodas. Between the two spots, you should be able to put together something reasonably nice.

          1. Have you ever had CheerWine? It's originally from North Carolina, and while not a root beer, is quite tasty. Could be a fun thing to add in if your husband hasn't tried it. (Murray's sell it as well.)