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Nov 17, 2012 06:35 PM

Cornbread Stuffing and Pie Dough?

Hi All,
I am making Cornbread stuffing and thought I would make the cornbread on monday and make the stuffing wednesday to serve on thursday....does anyone know if that is okay to do and if so, what is the best way to store the cornbread for the two days?
I am also making a Salted Caramel Apple Pie and making an all butter crust for it - can I make the pie dough on monday, refrigerate it and turn it out and make the pie on wednesday?
Thanks so much!!!

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  1. I would be leary of making cornbread stuffing a day ahead. If you introduce liquid to the mix the bread could lose its texture. However, baking the bread early is fine. If you store it unwrapped in the refrigerator it should get nice and dry and easy to work with.

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    1. re: mike.foodguy

      could I bake the bread TODAY, refrigerate it and then make the stuffing on thursday morning and then reheat?

      1. re: jbenson

        You don't need to refrigerate it. Just make it today and leave it at room temperature until you make the stuffing on Thursday. You want it a little dried out.

    2. What I do is make the cornbread, cube it and dry it in the oven on Wednesday. I also sauté the onions, celery and other veg that is going in the dressing. I store the cornbread at room temp covered and the cooked veg goes in the fridge. I also precook any meats and store those separately. I combine it all on Thursday and cook.

      As far as the pie pastry, it's fine to mix it up and store in the fridge and the roll it out and fill and bake the pie Wednesday.

      1. The pie dough should be fine. It will be a little difficult to work straight from the fridge, let it sit a couple of minutes and give it a good whack with the rolling pin.

        For the stuffing -- if you cook the stuffing (and cool / store in the fridge) it should be fine to reheat, at some risk that it might be a little dry. I would vote to have all the components prepped on Wed, then mix and bake just prior to serving.

        1. You can make the bread and add the onions and celery,or what ever you add to it. Just don't add any liquid untill you are ready to bake it. I do that all the time.

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          1. re: Mother of four

            perfect.... I think I will make the cornbread tomorrow and prep the rest of the ingredients on wednesday and compile it and bake on thursday...

            1. re: jbenson

              I just took my cornbread out of the oven and will assemble Weds night. I save the browned ends to serve with the other breads, and leave the middle section uncovered to dry out. I make it with creamed corn though so it's relatively moist. You need it to be dry enough to absorb all the other stuffing ingredients.

              I'm making my pie crust Wednesday though, that's my main cooking day.

              1. re: jbenson

                I make my chicken stock on Monday, cornbread on Tuesday (stored wrapped in foil on the counter), mix up all the dressing/liquid on Wednesday, cover and refrigerate overnight (flavors meld). Bake on Thursday.

                If I make it early, it is fine to freeze cornbread mixture, liquid and all.