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Nov 17, 2012 06:27 PM

Tasty Kake

Tasty Kake has made it to my corner of Texas! Needless to say, Hostess will not be missed in the least.

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  1. I always thought Tasty Kakes were MUCH better than the similar Hostess items. Unfortunately they only turn up in my area occasionally, usually at Big Lots or someplace like that.

    1. Lucky you. I grew up with Tastykake cakes and pies, but after leaving home in Pennsylvania, I've seen them in a store exactly once in 40 years. I miss those butterscotch krimpets, chocolate cupcakes, various juniors, and especially the lemon pies.

      1. Until all the "high alert" media attention over Hostess, I didn't realize any brand of snack cake was hard to come by or missed in grand numbers. This morning at the market Hostess, Tasty Kake, Little Debbies and Drakes were all on the the same section of the store. Plenty of Wonderbread White & Wheat in the bread aisle.

        Me thinks this whole media blaze was some twisted corporate game.

        1. Tasty Baking was taken over by a big national outfit. I expect to see them in new places, which will be a boon to whoever gets this great junk food!

          1. I got addicted to the pies during the six years I lived in the D.C. area, imo nothing else compares. I was hitting up 3 or 4 convenience stores a day on the weekends.

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              during one summer living/working at the shore in NJ...ate Tastykake lemon pie with a diet 7-UP (hey, had to cut some of the sugar out) for breakfast many mornings...