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Nov 17, 2012 06:02 PM

If you brine your bird, do you find that the skin is just not as crispy and good?

Using the famous Alton Brown brine a few years ago, the bird was super moist but the skin was not to my liking! And that's my favorite part. Am I doing something wrong? It tasted sweet. Last year, I roasted without brining. Skin was delicious but it wasn't as moist as the brined turkey.

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  1. I always air dry (in the fridge) the bird for 24 hours after brining and the skin has been crispy.

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      I brine and air dry before roasting in a convection oven. The skin lifts off, and starts bubbling on it's own. Very crispy.

    2. I am a non briner. I tried it once or twice, the skin was not crisp.
      My bird is juicy and the skin is crispy and the drippings are not too salty for gravy. I think brining is unnecessary. Buy a good bird, butter some cheesecloth so the breast stays moist, stuff the bird, don't overcook, and , most important, let it sit a full hour before carving. voila!