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Nov 17, 2012 05:40 PM

One (1) Brooklyn Italian Dinner

Hey There!

My Grandpa has requested an Italian dinner in Brooklyn for his Christmas-time visit. I am considering the following:

- Al di La

- Aliseo Osteria del Borgo

- Locanda Vini E Olii

What do people think? Do any of the above really stand out as "special" experiences? Or is there another more worthwhile choice?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Locanda Vini E Olii is definately a special Brooklyn (if not Italian) experience. Food is Tuscan. The Venetian food at Al di La is also excellent. However, Al di La does not take reservations and Locanda does.

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      Yes I'm aware of the no-reservation policy at Al di La. Probably leaning towards Locanda Vini e Olii for that reason. What about the value at Locanda? I've read a lot of comments that it has gotten really expensive. I've also read that if you are not "in" with the owners service can suffer. Is that a fair assessment? If I spoke Italian upon arrival would that help any?

    2. do you know what kind of italian he likes? You know that none of these are southern italian style and mostly will not have red sauce at all, though maybe a ragu.

      We like Aliseo - the proprietor is a quirky guy but charming - specializes in foods of the Marche, seemed to have gotten a tad more ambitious in the kitchen on our last visit. Meat and fish dishes. smaller, quieter and much less crowded than the other two places if that is a factor. His pizzeria across the street, Amorina is pretty good (good pastas salads too) and feels very italian also.

      I think it was true that being friendly with the owner was a good thing with the original couple (he a Balthazar alum and quite theatrical) that opened Locanda Vini e Olii, but I thought that they had moved on.. dont know about the current situation.

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        Region is not a concern. He doesn't need red sauce and checkered tablecloth Italian.

        I've been to Amorina and thought it was serviceable, but not memorable. Is Aliseo a big step up? I have to say its online menu looks pretty minimal. What dishes stood out for you?

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          You know, I wasnt talking about checkered tablecloths....more like the type of food you might get at Frankies Spuntino, Queen (Ive not been) or one of the places in Bensonhurst perhaps reflecting a southern rather than northern style.. Italian is a pretty broad category.
          Amorina is better than serviceable in my view - certainly not on a par with the others and crowded with families, not maybe the best for your but its pastas for example taste very italian (good ragu) . I dont think of Aliseo as a destination restaurant with boffo socko cuisine, but one which is always interesting - it seems to me I had some confited fish the last time, daughter had some pork belly - its not impressive but it was good and the wines are well selected. But I wouldnt recommend it over Al di La (to my way of thinking the latter has not very Venetian but amped up, Batali-ized Italian cooking - we like it). Too long since Ive been to Locanda to opine.

      2. Would Noodle Pudding and/or Queen be deserving of consideration for this dinner as well?