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Nov 17, 2012 05:24 PM

Massimo's in Malden: Saucy and Swingin'

Well, we've decided to go to Massimo's on Sunday night with our Melrosian chum. Any must-orders? I know it's kind of a Brady Bunch rec room 1950's-ish place, which is fine by me, but I want to order wisely. *jives next to faux wood*

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  1. IMO it's worth it to pay the $3 or so upcharge to get the homemade pasta (we had the fusili, I think they offer a couple other types too). It's been a few months since my last visitI but the service is old-school, they are super nice, especially to any kids you have with you.

    ETA if you can't find parking on Pleasant Street (which you can't, since there's construction going on ) you can park in the Florence Street lot. It's directly behind Massimo's and the restaurant validates for that lot.

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      Also, IIRC there's a largish booth in the middle of the restaurant that's built into the wall, under a keystone it a kind of grotto feel. Sit there if you can. I've *always* wanted to sit in that booth.