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Nov 17, 2012 05:18 PM

Do you read food magazines? Which ones?

I saw an ad in a Martha Stewart Living magazine for Saveur, which I've never read. It got me thinking about food and cooking magazines from which I've actually prepared a recipe. Before the internet made it all so easy, I subscribed variously to Bon Appetit, Sunset, Gourmet, etal. Lately, I've had MS Living, Southern Living and CI or Cook's Country, by subscription or by hand-me-down. And a few Cooking Light issues.
I made quite a few recipes from Bon Appetit back in the day, but even though I see lots of interesting and tasty looking recipes in the others, I never seem to get back to them to find out which issues had a recipe I liked. My habit now is to plug in the ingredients I have at home into Foodily, Epicurious or allrecipes, and get ideas from there.
Actually, I've made a few from the Penzey's catalog lately! What I wonder is, do you find that one magazine suits your style of cooking better than others, so you actually use those recipes, or are they more for entertaining reading, with some ideas to keep in mind for later?

If you do use the recipes, do you cut them out of the magazine and file them some way so you can find them again?

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  1. Travel & Leisure.

    Never bother with recipes from any magazine -- food or otherwise.

    1. I actually cook from CI, although it can be fairly repetitive over the years. I read every issue of Saveur from cover to cover and love it. It's the ultimate in food porn with great writing. I don't actually cook from it very much since the recipes are quite involved but it is very inspiring!

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        Yes, I've had a sub to Saveur for a few years but it's one of the few magazines that I don't think I've ever cooked a recipe from. Unlike most of my other magazine subscriptions.

        1. re: rasputina

          I used to subscribe to Saveur, but let it lapse. I still enjoy it when I pick it up. It's good reading. I do make the (Irish) soda bread recipe I got from one March issue. It's clipped and filed. But I don't remember making anything else from it. The soda bread is not at all complicated ;-)

        2. re: chococat

          Bookmarked, agreed......mostly. I have made a few of the Saveur recipes.

        3. I subscribe to Delicious magazine - it started out as an Australian thing, but now has publications all over the world. I have more than 10 years of back copies and I have never had one of their recipes fail on me - I have a lot of faith in Delicious!

          I really enjoy getting my monthly edition and I have issues haphazardly stashed around the house (Mr. Huntress calls it my porn stash). I have no filing system, if I want to cook something from one I just pick them up randomly and flick through until I find something I like.

          I do utilise the net a lot for my recipes, but I've enjoyed the website for Australia Gourmet Traveller so much and use it so often for recipes that I'm considering taking our a subscription to that as well. Mainly for the extra content, wine reviews and another excuse to slack off and escape for a few hours :) There are few other magazines that actually make the cut of what I want from a food magazine and the kind of recipes I want to cook,

          1. Lucky Peach! It has interesting and different takes on all things food. I seem to pick up some useful info from this magazine as well as enjoying some interesting reads.

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            1. re: ElsieB

              Lucky Peach, Saveur, and Garden and Gun are my three favorite. Garden and Gun is not just food, but it has such good food articles. I sometimes like Fine Cooking, and sometimes, I don't.

              1. re: ElsieB

                I just got 3 issues of the magazine this month-
                interesting to read

              2. I subscribe to Cook's Illustrated. When I travel I buy Real Simple and Food and Wine for the plane but otherwise never buy them.