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Nov 17, 2012 05:17 PM

Thanksgiving Goose Side Dish Ideas

Hello everyone, I've decided to try my hand at a roast goose recipe (the one on this website) this Thanksgiving, but I'm unsure of what side dishes would go best with it. Currently I'm doing a prune and apple stuffing with sausage (also on this website), and some goose fat roasted brussels sprouts. I'd like one more side dish, preferably a starchy one, plus an idea for a chutney or relish of sorts that would go well with the goose too.

I've never had goose before so I'm unsure of what kind of flavors go well with it, I'd love some input from y'all!

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  1. That sounds absolutely delicious.
    This menu sounds nice, with the chutney, braised red cabbage and potato gratin

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    1. I saw fresh goose at my local Market Basket yesterday. I was tempted but I've never done one. I envy your courage. Best of luck! Love to hear the results. For a starchy dish, maybe a lyonnaise of 2/3 Yukon golds and 1/3 sweet potato? Or a wild rice pilaf with almond and cranberry?

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        I'm personally intimidated to make a goose too! But it seems to be as easy, if not easier, than a turkey. Here is a recipe that is apparantly fairly easy to follow if you ever work up the courage.

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            I don't care for pilaf, it's too healthy. Thanksgiving is a time to gorge, healthy food can stay far away in my opinion. The lyonnaise might be an option...

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              Butter laden rice with nuts is too healthy? lol. How about macadamia nut coated deep fried beef suet with hollandaise?

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                Sounds great! If it's anything like the deep fried bacon I had at the Texas State fair about a month ago, it's gotta be amazing.

                Maybe healthy was the wrong word to choose, but I guess I just don't really care for pilaf in general. The other suggestions I've seen look great though!

          2. ... plus an idea for a chutney or relish of sorts that would go well with the goose too.

            Pickled daikon.

            1. So I think I've finalized my menu:

              Roast Goose
              Prune and Apple stuffing with sausage
              Apple, Pear and Cranberry compote
              Foie Gras and Apple Soufflé
              Goose fat roasted brussels sprouts


              Alton Brown's apple pie for dessert (I've never had a better apple pie in my life)


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              1. re: TheFormerVeg

                That's a whole lotta apples. Too one note for me.

                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                  Hmm, maybe you're right. But the Souffle just uses the apple as a container, and I'm not giving up the pie. Maybe I could find a different compote?

                  Any ideas?

                  1. re: TheFormerVeg

                    Why not just a spiced pear and cranberry compote, leaving out the apple? Maybe add some diced fig. You could also sub a mini pumpkin for the apple container for the souffle. Plus, I think you need a starch. If not pilaf, an au gratin potato or a sweet potato gnocchi? (there's a nice recipe on this page)

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                  Do you have a recipe for the Foie Gras and Apple Soufflé? Thanks!

                3. Julia Child's "Steam-Roasted Goose with Port Wine Gravy" has been the star of our traditional Christmas dinner for over a decade now. In fact, right after the recipe was published in Julia Child's FABULOUS book "The Way To Cook".

                  Our classic sides have always been "Butter Braised Brussel Sprouts" (try saying that one 3 times fast - lol!), a potato gratin (I use different recipes every year), Czech bread dumplings (I'm 100% Czech & these "sinkers" are a family tradition) with Sauerkraut, & another green veggie that varies from year to year.