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Nov 17, 2012 05:06 PM

Gujarati, Konkan or Keralan in Bay area?

Visiting South Bay area in December: is there any place that serves Indian food in these styles (esp. guj farsans and malvani and keralan seafood dishes)?

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  1. Recent thread.
    I was told that Bombay Cuisine, Berkeley had Gujarati dishes but that was years ago.

    1. The higher-end South Bay places like Amber and Sakoon in Mountain View tend to have wide-ranging menus that include one or two Keralan or Konkan dishes.

      DeeDee's in Santa Clara has different regional buffets on the weekends, including a Gujarati buffet the first weekend of the month. I've only tried the Kathiawadi buffet (4th weekend) and I thought it was good, but not outstanding - I'm not much of a buffet fan though.


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            those serve goan food - similar to what the OP is asking for, but still different (and yes, my original post on gajalee was erroneous)

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              Those searches turn up posts on some other places.