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Nov 17, 2012 04:59 PM

Please critique this Christmas menu!

6 adults that like seafood

Appetizers will be Oysters with shallot mignonette

Shrimp & Crab cocktail


French onion soup with gruyere

Iceberg wedge w/ homemade blue cheese dressing

Filet mignon with bernaise sauce


Black truffle Mashed potatoes


Mille crepe cake OR a buche de noel (festive chocolate hazelnut French logcake) Which appeals more to you?

Assortment of cookies and truffles

Any suggestions for changes you would make?

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  1. I prefer buche de noel over mille crepe.

    1. +1 on the buche noel.

      What kind of crab will you use? King crab is festive, elegant and a lavish choice for a cocktail. I like a remoulade vs. the standard cocktail sauce. Also, I'd do a whole tenderloin for six vs. separate filets.

      Give me your address and you can cook for seven!

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        Thanks for the feedback. Have you cooked a whole tenderloin before? How many does it serve? What are your thoughts on the rest of the menu?

        1. re: allthatglitters

          A whole tenderloin, properly and completely trimmed, should be around 3.5 to 4 pounds. Put it in a 500 degree oven for about 25 minutes and you'll get a perfect med rare. You can pan sear first if desired and rub with a seasoning of your choice. You'll get 6 nice 10 oz. portions from it. I'd do two1 to 1 1/2 inch cuts per plate from it and a little extra in case anyone wants seconds or you want some yummy.sandwiches the next day. I like the steakhouse theme so I have no issue with an iceberg wedge salad. Use a good quality thick cut bacon slice on them as well. Love the menu as written but I would add a sauteed mushroom with caramelized onion and roasted garlic side. Use a mixture of crimini, chanterelle, and baby bellas.

      2. You have kind of a French theme going on and then I step back at the Iceberg. To me it is too heavy and too "American" considering the soup with cheese before and all that follows, including a heavy sauce. I would do a simple salad, maybe butter lettuce with a lemon vinaigrette, you could top with a few pomegranate seeds for color and tartness.

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        1. re: escondido123

          thanks escondido... I agree a vinaigrette might pair better with the creamy dishes. I was going for more of an American steakhouse theme!

          1. re: allthatglitters

            Steak house, not my fav, would have creamed spinach but not the soup and they certainly wouldn't go with the truffles on the mashed potatoes--they'd go with hash browns.

        2. buche for sure. I think the butter lettuce is a better idea, with a bright dressing.

          1. overall a lovely menu!!

            i'd switch out a green salad with a sharp vinaigrette for the wedge. endive or frisee, with some arugula, sprinkle with spiced, candied walnuts or pecans. garnish with pomegranate seeds or bits of clementine for color.

            do roasted potatoes, either wedges, or long spears instead of mashed -- adds a visual shape and a bit of crunch.

            +1 on the bouche de noel. have served different versions of the crepe cake and it was politely mostly un-eaten, lol. i'd also offer some fruit or simple cookies for those who just want a nibble after dinner and no cream.

            wowee, you're planning ahead with that big t-day dinner on your near-horizon!