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Nov 17, 2012 04:57 PM

America's Test Kitchen Braised Turkey - Anyone Tried It?

I just watched thie video: , and it sounds really good! I loved braised meat, but it had never occurred to me to braise a whole turkey. However, I'm concerned about trying something new for such a high stakes meal as Thanksgiving. Has anyone tried this method?

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  1. I also saw this recipe and video and was very intrigued. The turkey is brined and it is cut apart, so the cooking time is relatively quicker than roasting a whole one. Would enjoy hearing any comments on braised turkey!

    1. I am not generally a fan of braised poultry. It cooks too fast to benefit from the technique.

      I'd also be shot if I served it at Tgiving when folks want golden briwn and crispy

      1. This is a bit late but I did try the recipe this Thanksgiving--actually a pre-Thanksgiving the weekend before, for my girlfriend who had never had a traditional dinner. Since it was just the two of us, I just made two thighs, which I figured would be moist enough, so I chose not to brine.

        I can honestly say it ended up being some of the best turkey I've ever had, anywhere. That goes for the gravy too. But what made me smile the most was how embarrassing easy it was. In fact, my sisters requested it for Christmas dinner, so in a few days I'll be making it again!

        Oh--I do agree it would be a hard sell at a high-stakes family event. I suggest making it for a regular dinner however; it's that good. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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          Please share your 2 thighs recipe for the ATK braised turkey.