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Nov 17, 2012 04:52 PM

?: Freezing brined pork: Any concern?

I purchased a full pork loin and am now brining it to get the benefits of flavor & moisture. I have a lot of this & want to freeze it to cook as needed. Question: knowing that the brining is introducing moisture into the cell structure of the pork, Will freezing the brined meat have a negative effect on the final product once cooked? I was concerned that the extra moisture in the cell structure would freeze & significantly change the mouth feel, much like some vegetables freeze well and others go to muush. What do you think?

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  1. The extra water from the brining process is going to increase the damage caused by freezing. You are likely to see a less firm meat after thawing, even after cooking it.

    I would suggest that you cook as much as you can and freeze the cooked meat for later use.

    1. Try the Home Cooking board. There are many knowledgeable and opinionated posters there who could answer your question.

      1. I've purchased whole pork loins, tenderloins and picnic shoulders in the past....vacuumed sealed from the meatpacker and have frozen all in their packaging...defrosted weeks later and have not noticed any notable concerns to the quality of the meats..... I have also purchased similar cuts of pork already seasoned or packed in solution, which essentially is brining, and have also not noticed any compromise in the meats.

        I think you will be fine if you have a foodsaver type bag for vacuum sealing.....if not, then I would wrap in plastic film first, then foil and finally stored in a Ziploc Freezer Bag to limit any air getting at the meats.

        1. Hey hey Hounds, Thanks for your thoughts. Fourunder: I'm going with you on this one; Water added meats "Up to 6%......." are purchased frozen all the time frozen, so there may be some quality issue at stake but not a disaster. I wasn't interested in cooking the pork first so I just need to make a decision and deal with the attributes. I'll be thawing & cooking these cuts over the coming months & I'll post then how all turned out. It is really nice to be able to bounce ideas off of the wall here so, again, I'm really grateful. Happy Day Hounds.