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Nov 17, 2012 04:30 PM

Good Mexican/Domenican in Cotswold/Wendover Area

The strip center on Wendover with a Food Lion now has a good Mexican/Domenican restaurant if you want something besides KFC, Subway and McDonalds. Look for the sign- "Mexican American Restaurant". Food was very good and easy on the purse. Check out the fajitas, shrimp dishes, and especially the guacamole-restaurant is clean and simple.

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    1. re: Sue in Mt P

      In the strip center across from the Home Depot on Wendover- a few doors down from the Food Lion.

    2. It's really helpful to put the city in your post, ideally in the title. In this case, I think you mean Charlotte?

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        1. re: meatn3

          Well, there is a Wendover in G'boro, but here is also one in Charlotte, that is in close proximity to a neighborhood called Cotswold. I'm not aware of a neighborhood or area in G'boro called Cotswold.

          1. re: carolinadawg

            I'm not either, and that's why I asked.

        2. It's definitely Charlotte. Las Margaritas on Independence isn't far. It's one of my absolute favorites.