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Nov 17, 2012 04:24 PM

Per Se

Would anyone be interested in organizing and participating in a Chowhound group dinner at Per Se?

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  1. I'd go if it was on a weekend:)

    1. I'd be interested in participating.

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      1. re: donovt

        IF we can get 4 people to commit, we can probably get a table easier.

      2. I should be very interested in attending, but I expect the logistics will be formidable, given hounds' varying schedules. You might require a pool of at least a dozen 'maybes' to obtain an actual dinner party of four or so.

        Personally I'd also prefer if this took place in the spring as I haven't been super keen on some of their current winter dishes. Also, it would give me a chance to slip in to the Salon at some point before committing -- it's been two years since I dined at Per Se, and it would be helpful to remind myself what I liked and disliked about their cuisine.

        I should probably subscribe to this discussion. How does one do that?

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        1. re: Winterpool

          It will automatically send you updates of new messages. You are right about the logistics, especially since I live in Chicago. sigh:( but I would be willing to go there on a weekend except for the 18th/19th of May.

        2. Count me in, though I would prefer a week night.

          1. I'd go if I had a Groupon.