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Nov 17, 2012 04:03 PM

Kolaches in Fairfield or New Haven County?

Anyone know where I can buy kolaches in Fairfield or New Haven counties?
My mom fondly recalls her grandmother making them when she was growing up, and I'd love to surprise her for the holidays with a batch!

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  1. Try Polonez Deli in Shelton on the River Road or Baltyk Deli on Main Street in Stratford. Give them a call. They tend to have very good purveyors and may even make them from scratch.

    Also, might try Liscio's Meatland at Bridgeport/Stratford/Trumbull line; not sure, but they may be Slovak and often carry special items, especially during the holidays.

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      Thanks Cheereeo - tried Baltyk yesterday. Called ahead and they assured me that they had them - and when I got there...nope. Not sure who answered, or why they claimed they had them...but they didn't. I'll give Polonez a try tomorrow...thanks again!