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Nov 17, 2012 03:20 PM

Warm Soda

I was sitting here at my desk sipping on a mug of room temperature Polar lemon flavored seltzer and got to wondering, how many others out there don't mind, or even prefer, their soda not to be cold.

Yes, most soda is really nasty when drunk warm, but there a couple of flavors that hold up when warm. More often than not I drink the aforementioned seltzer at room temperature, and it's not too bad. Likewise, Mountain Dew is good cold but also is still quite palatable when it gets warm.

A few years back I had a girlfriend who not only kept her opened bottle of Dr. Pepper on the pantry shelf, but would warm it up in a saucepan on the stove, and drink it with a slice of lemon. It wasn't too bad.

So what soda do you drink warm? Does it matter what brand? (Say, for example, warm Pepsi is fine, but warm Coke is vile.) And are there any brands or flavors you prefer warm rather than cold?

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  1. When we have friends over, we have to remember to put the Coke in the fridge. I don't like soda, but Mr. S drinks Coke pretty much daily. Always at room temperature. He doesn't hate it cold (like at a restaurant, etc), but prefers it warm.

    1. Soda warm? Never unless sick with the stomache bug and then it has to be Shweppes gingerale. The thought of warm coke disgusts me but then gain so does regular coke, LOL.

      Seltzer- no issue if its warm.

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      1. I prefer my Diet Coke at room temp. I generally prefer other soft drinks chilled.

        1. I keep soda at home on the counter, don't bother putting it in the fridge.

          After I run in the morning and I want to drink a lot of fluids I find it easier to drink something at room temperature than something cold.

          Beer, on the other hand ...

          1. When i was a kid back in the sixties and seventies, I can remember Dr. Pepper advertising hot Dr. Pepper in the winter, sort of like hot tea.
            Had to search for it. There is an ad on this page below:


            Years later in the early 80's I went to Dallas on a business trip in and met a guy that worked at Dr. Pepper. He said that for years in the coffee room in addition to coffee, they also served hot Dr. Pepper, but that they quit doing that.