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Nov 17, 2012 03:17 PM

Scandinavian pickled herring?

Have been invited to a traditional Scandinavian Christmas Eve dinner and asked to bring Danish/Norwegian pickled herring (apparently consumed with modest amounts of aquavit). Any ideas where to buy same (not rollmops)?

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  1. I imagine somewhere in Granville Island would have it, but barring other more gourmet options...Ikea (seriously).

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    1. re: reiney

      Yes check the Longliner they have all kinds of pickled offerings.

      1. re: reiney

        Yes, the fish store on the west side of Granville market has a large selection of scandinavian-style pickled herring.

      2. Jolly Foods in North Van, just over the second narrows bridge near thectransferbstation. It's your one stop Scandinavian food stop. Many flavours and types of herring. They have a web site.

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        1. re: vancityfoody

          There is (used to be ?) A place on Kingsway and Boundary that sells/sold all things Scandinavian ,name escapes me now though

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            Just spotted not only Scandinavian style Herring but German and 'North Atlantic'-all @ Longliner.

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              LA CHARCUTERIE !! I went there for years for their cheeses & sliced meats (cheap, cheap !), the humongous sandwiches (named after BC Hydro, Telus, BC Ambulance, etc, etc) at lunch (even in those days I had to split the 'wiches with a co-worker or else I'd get food coma in the afternoon).

              Salam later sold the place and now just runs his Surrey location:


              He even has a FB page:


              I never knew how he kept his prices so low, but then I was afraid to ask just in case, LOL.

              Now if any deli that Guy Fieri shoulda visited while he was here in 2011, it shoulda been La Charcuterie. The size of Salam's sandwiches is only matched by the size of his heart & soul.

              This got me thinking, next time I'm in that part of Surrey I ought to drop by and say hi.

              1. re: LotusRapper

                Yup thats it, from what I remember he actually lived in Denmark, for a time