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Planning travel toMississippi

jpr54_1 Nov 17, 2012 02:45 PM

I would like suggestions for an Oldie Foodie-
restaurants, history, literature sites,etc.

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    Clarkafella RE: jpr54_1 Nov 20, 2012 04:34 PM

    What part of the state will you be in?

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      jpr54_1 RE: Clarkafella Nov 20, 2012 05:03 PM


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        Clarkafella RE: jpr54_1 Nov 20, 2012 08:05 PM

        Will you be on the Coast, or is there any particular town? They all have their places...

    2. Uncle Bob RE: jpr54_1 Nov 21, 2012 06:52 AM

      Here's One......


      More details/information = Better suggestions. ....I mean, why mention The Old Country Store if you're not going to be close to it???

      Have Fun!

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        perrottwilliamson RE: Uncle Bob Nov 28, 2012 05:03 PM

        Last time I checked (and I didn't see it on the web site here) the Dinner Bell in McComb is only open at lunch. Unfortunately, I haven't been in years but I totally adored it as a child.

      2. mudcat RE: jpr54_1 Nov 21, 2012 07:23 AM

        If you are near Picayune try Trietlers Sausage. Excellent fresh hot sausage and heaecheese both hot and mile\

        1. c
          Clarkafella RE: jpr54_1 Nov 21, 2012 07:47 AM

          Mississippi has some great food all over the place, but it is pretty distinctive in each area. The Coast has the seafood, but the farther west you go, the more it is influenced by New Orleans. Jackson has some really good fine dining, the northeast section of the state has good country cooking and the Delta has tamales and BBQ.

          Having said that, some of the best fried shrimp I have ever eaten were at the Hollywood, which is almost to Memphis!

          1. jpr54_1 RE: jpr54_1 Nov 21, 2012 09:46 AM

            I was planning on going to Gulf Coast-
            I am not sure where there r the best restaurants-historic sites-etc.

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              perrottwilliamson RE: jpr54_1 Nov 28, 2012 04:59 PM

              A good friend who regularly goes to eat out on the Coast mentioned Trapani's as where they were heading recently.

              The restored Jefferson Davis home, Beauvoir, is on the Coast.

            2. p
              perrottwilliamson RE: jpr54_1 Nov 28, 2012 05:05 PM

              When (what time of year) will you be visiting Mississippi? In Oxford, you can see some historical sites including Faulkner's house and Ole Miss, eat downtown and shop at the fabulous Square Books. (It is awfully hard to leave Square Books and Oxford.)

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