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Nov 17, 2012 02:15 PM

Dog dragged exquisite ham on floor -- what to do?


Need advice! My dog lept over the counter while we were not looking and snagged a lovely 8 lb ham -- one of the best, most tender hams I have ever tasted. Discovered the dog chowing on the ham on the floor in a Treadwell-like scenario. Not all of the ham was lost. Not all of the guests are aware of the issue. To save or not to save, that is the question? I have cut off all jagged edges and rinsed and dried the outside. In fairness to the guests, I have been nibbling on chunks of the ham as I repaired it. I feel fine. Thoughts?


  1. I think I would be inclined to not serve it at this function, but save it for family eating. I'm sure it's okay to eat, but I don't think I would serve it to my guests. You never know if one of the guests saw the dog with it, but just didn't say anything. But if it turned up on the table it might be a bit awkward to explain.

    Wrap at up in foil, and put it back in the refrigerator, and enjoy the rest of your get together. If anyone asked where the ham is, just say, "It wasn't fit to serve."

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    1. re: al b. darned

      Should be fine in a nice split pea soup.

      1. re: al b. darned

        Same here. I would happily eat the rescued ham, but couldn't serve it with a straight face. Knowing my friends and family though, I would probably tell them what happened, and we would have a good laugh.

        1. re: mpjmph

          Don't know if Willa has started the dinner already - but that might be an option IF the guests are close friends or she knows their sense of humor. She could not serve it, but light-heartedly describe what happened and "leave it to the guests" to request** that the ham be served anyway or not, perhaps.

          ** (i.e. wait for them to exclaim that they would be happy to eat it nonetheless, etc)

          1. re: mpjmph

            I'd just avert my gaze, and maybe tell a slightly off-color joke, and no one would be the wiser - unless the guests were all in the room, when Phydeaux snagged the ham. Then, well the jigs up, and a replacement IS needed and quickly.


          2. re: al b. darned

            This is hilarious. I love that it's being
            posed as a serious question.

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            1. I'd serve it but let remained guests know of what happened and your remediation efforts. Those who want it can do so, those who opt out can skip. Personally, I would eat it.

              Also, trade dog in for a shorter model who is unable to make the leap. My two can only dream of the wonders that perch upon the counter.

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                1. not gonna read answers yet because I want to offer thoughts.
                  left side of me is laughing although not funny I do understand.
                  but....been there done that in relative terms oh my gosh the several visuals I'm getting are hysterical.
                  also I'm so sorry for you~you must have had a moment of sheer terror and panic.

                  so you've cut away the offensive visual parts and rinsed.
                  I'd get a large container-boil water in it and drop the bomb in
                  (the ham not the dog) and boil it for 3 minutes at a hard boil.
                  I'd eat it later with your family in any number of ways and have a good giggle every time it gets
                  served as ham slices with cowboy gravy-scalloped potatoes with ham-ham and Lima beans in the crock pot all day or Croque-monsieur or Croque-madame

                  then I'd tell the guests what happened-ask if there'r any takers winking all the while, and hit frig for any and all sandwich meats and cheeses you've got in there or the freezer stash and say "dinner is now____(fill in the blank) then smile.

                  great story, sorry though

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                  1. re: iL Divo

                    iL Divo,
                    Thanks great reply. Actually, I was quite calm about the ham. It was my sister who was screaming in the kitchen when she discovered the ham on the floor with the dog all over it. By the time I got to the kitchen the ham was back on the counter with wounds that looked a little like our friends leg when a dog bit her good when we were little kids. She still has a dent in her thigh. So I wasn't sure exactly how much of the ham had made contact with the floor. After I repaired the obvious bite marks, it looked fine to me! So I was munching away. Still feel fine. We have discussed the issue at some length now, laughing hysterically. She posted the same question on FB but I said, no, the Chowhounders will have the best advice. It happens that our 80 year old mother has just arrived for a visit today and the ham was purchased just for her. I have since learned that the scene in the kitchen was pretty bad and we have all decided that the hard boil recommendation is the best. We chose that over the blow torch scorch recommended by my sister's FB group. And as luck would have it, iL Divo, we also visited a little Italian deli called Bari in Chicago today. We bought a great variety of lovely lunch meats including a pistachio mortadella, cappicola, salami, we've got that going for us, which is nice!

                    Pray tell, what is cowboy gravy-scalloped potatoes? Sounds fabulous!

                    And the holidays have begun......

                    1. re: Willa

                      OH, do I love the 'blow torch scorch'!
                      Willa, you are a great storyteller. Thanks for the laugh. One thing I adore about Chowhounders is the absurd sense of humor so many of our members display.

                      1. re: Willa

                        that's what my Scottish grandparents called this thick meaty white gravy that went atop a slice of ham which was resting on a piece of toast. I think they thought of it as a simple easy inexpensive meal to serve the kids while babysitting.
                        our family always makes/made scalloped potatoes with chunks of ham in there too. probably again a one pot meal that included the protein and starch in the same dish and delicious too.

                        1. re: iL Divo

                          Sorry to hear about the ham, but I would have done the same as you, Willa. On the other hand, scalloped potatoes and ham, with a side of creamed corn - YUM!!!!!!

                          1. re: boyzoma

                            "On the other hand, scalloped potatoes and ham, with a side of creamed corn - YUM!!!!!!"

                            ^^^now you're talkin my husbands language :)