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Nov 17, 2012 02:08 PM

Anyone brined a Kosher turkey?

I am dying to brine my turkey this year- rave reviews on a recipe I want to try. However, I use Kosher turkeys every year, and know they do not "need" to be brined...anyone ever brined a Kosher turkey? I realize I will have to cut the salt down considerably. Wondering if it's worth the effort.

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  1. I don't know if this is an answer since I have never brined a turkey. I was listening on the radio to an interview of a butterball expert talking about brining a turkey. She stated all the virtues of brining, but then said a kosher turkey should never be brined. It sounded like the kashering process would make brining a negative.

    1. All due respect to Ms Butterball, the salting process that is part of kashering birds and the brining of turkeys are not one and the same. I can only say as a kosher chef and caterer set to smoke 100+ Turkeys this week, it's all about the brine! Shavua tov y'all and happy Turkey Day!

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        thanks for the input - i didn't think about the kashering thing when i decided to brine my turkey this year but i'm glad to hear that it won't impact. any other cool tips?

      2. Don't do it!!!
        I won't go into the details of how it happened (not my doing), but I can tell you, the results of brining a Kosher turkey is nasty, nasty, couldn't eat it. Do not go there!

        1. I love it! Going deep fried this year, it is interesting to see two postings adamant about doing completely opposit. I am absolutely certain (since everybody is so sure, I ca be too) both turkeys are going to end delicious. Happy Thanksgiving!

          1. In spite of the opposition from some.
            If your plan is to ROAST in an oven DON'T. It is dry brined already,good to go for roasting.

            gotcholent is smoking,not oven roasting.different game altogether.

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              I have to disagree lcool. I have been brining my turkey for the past 4 years and roasting it in the over and it is ever so moist and delicious with a nice crispy skin. I follow the alton brown turkey recipe on good eats and brine for about 12-16hrs before hand. I do lessen the salt just a little bit but not that significantly. I also highly recommend the gravy that is associated with that recipe as it is delicious!

              I would try a different brine if it didn't work...