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Nov 17, 2012 01:32 PM

The Popcorn Man circa 60's/70's - what was that stuff he poured on the popcorn?

It's funny but I've been thinking of my favourite foods when I was a kid and recreating them. I figured out Metropolitan cupcakes (some cupcake shop should make these again!) - that one was easy. Does anyone know if Metropolitans are unique to Canada - they were sold at the Woman's Bakery and in Dominion's bakery. I never saw them sold elsewhere. Speaking of Woman's Bakery, how 'bout those butterhorns they sold! Loved those too - twisted Danish pastry with raspberry & a couple of other jams all swirled with icing - the more icing the better! Oh and their dark chocolate gooey donuts. Next up - before I lose my train of thought...

Another thing I would love to make is that orange-y yellow popcorn oil that the popcorn man poured onto the kernels in the little white paper bags. Boy, this takes me back! And no wonder kids are fat today - kids today would feel cheated with that sized bag!) People thought it was butter - but it wasn't - it was too oily for that - there may have been butter in it - but it was made with some orange-y oil. Any ideas, please let me know!

Other food I'd like to recreate is Laura Secord's beef meat pie - the family sized one. The location I remember as a kid was the one at Eglinton subway station - right in the subway by the bus bays. That was an amazing pie.

Happy eating!

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  1. I think it was probably margarine and not the 'healthy' ones around
    I certainly remember( with great pleasure) those Metropolitans and also the Danish Pastry with the wonderful white gooey icing!!! Woman's Bakery and also Hunt's. My parents had a small neighbourhood restaurant (aka 'greasy spoon) and they would get trays of donuts, the plain glazed kind from a bakery called Margaret's..what amazed me was that they were left outside the door along with the 'bread' order, waiting for my parents to open the store at 7 a.m....they were never stolen which was always a surprise to me !!!

    1. OMG, you just reminded me of something I hadn't thought about in decades (yeah, I'm old). I remember that very bright yellow/orangey stuff he used to put on the popcorn. And, yes the bags sure were small compared to today. I remember he used to pour it out of a metal container that kind of looked like a little teapot.

      It did taste great and I've never had anything like it since. (Probably wasn't good for you though!)

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        I had forgotten the popcorn man who came around the street with a special white cabin on his bike. A flame was burning and used to pop the corn somehow. Also he had a teapot full of the liquid you mentioned. I always thought it was butter diluted with water and very oily as it seeped through the paper bag of corn. Probably illegal to operate one now or at least very expensive to get a license.