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Nov 17, 2012 11:58 AM

Biryani King in Norristown (Ridge Pike)

I stopped by this place because I had to go to Salter's for a Big Green Egg and was very pleased with our take out order. It is back in a small, rather old shopping center but the restaurant is cute inside. They are running a special for Diwali and extended a 10% discount which was very kind.

I ordered two different biryani (goat and chicken) along with palak paneer and some cauliflower. It was all fantastic. The only criticism is that the goat was a little fatty but it was very flavorful. I also got naan and was delighted that they asked me whether we wanted butter or not. It's not that I don't love butter but I really don't want the extra fat. On that topic, there was not an excess of butter or oil in any of the dishes. That can be a real issue at some of the other local Indian restaurants.

I think the cauliflower was Gobi 65. There may have been another number after it. I asked what it was and was told that it was cauliflower with secret spices. Of course that intrigued me. It was fantastic. Bright red, well spiced and fried. Really delicious.

At any rate I hope they will do well but I am worried about the location. They do deliver which I hope will get them a lot of lunch business. I have not been in at lunch time to see if they do a buffet.

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  1. I must stop in and I share your sentiment about location. It's where the Jasmine Cafe once graced the corner of this small, half vacant elbow of a strip mall and I wish them well. However, our one-mile run of Ridge Pike from East Mt. Kirk Ave to Park Ave now features three Indian (Biryani, Dosa Hut and Spice Kitchen) and a Thai (Mango Tree). I'm just sorry Osaka didn't make it (now the Keystone Grille) but I don't consider either of the Chinese offerings worth mentioning.