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Nov 17, 2012 11:36 AM

[London] ISO lunch around the V & A

Needs to be casual and not south asian (as dinner is at Cafe Spice Namaste).



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  1. The V&A itself has a beautiful cafe with good food. We once had a very good Chinese meal at a nearby spot near the South Ken Tube stop, but I'd have to search out the name. I'm not sure you'd want that for lunch with South Asian for dinner. There's a small crepe place that's extremely casual - and La Bouchée on Old Brompton.


    1. you're spoiled for choice.

      1. gessler at daquise on thurloe st (see limsters review)
      2. brindisa for tapas
      3. rocca (same owners as franco manca) for pizza pasta, old brompton road
      4. maroush - rocking lebanese - beauchamp place
      5. cheese and wine at la cave, cromwell place
      6. turkish kebabs at bosphorous kebab house, old brompton road (my favourite)
      7. o'sheas butchers on montpellier street - delish pies, baguette sandwiches
      8. beillevaire fromagerie next door to o'sheas - baguette, cheese, melted mont d'or on potatoes and ham