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Nov 17, 2012 11:12 AM

Cape Cod Fish Share

Has anyone done this or any other fish share? The chow pups are really getting into fish and would love to start them off with good quality fish.


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  1. If you love fish, it's a great way to go. Not really cheaper, but you are putting your $$$ directly into the pockets of the fishermen, and that's quite gratifying IMO. Plus you'll get as fresh fish as you would find anywhere. We did a "Couples Plan" and got 4 servings of local fish (cod. haddock, flounder/fluke, striped bass) per week for 5 weeks for about $150. Works out to about $10 per pound I think so better than many markets. The downside is you don't get to choose what type of fish (we're no fans of bluefish so those filets went to waste) and I felt compelled to cook it on back to back days because who wants old fish hanging around and I hate to freeze it.

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      Back in the days i was catching them myself and got sick of eating blue fish, despite how tasty it was fresh, I found that smoked blue fish was wonderful. You might try that and also smoking some of the other fish that comes in so you can enjoy it after your five week period is over. Wish I was closer to the shore to join the CCFS too.

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        I'm sure it's great, and I wish I didn't have a fish hater in the family that limits the nights when my wife an I can cook fish, but my arithmetic shows it more like $20/pound for the couple plan. Two .75 pound filets x 5 weeks is 7.5 pounds for $150 (Unless I'm misreading the website).

        Still worth it for the other benefits.

      2. The quality of the fish is outstanding. I have had some of the best fish from CCFS. It's well worth the money and you are supporting local fisherman

        1. I am in the couples share right now, I love it! The fish is really the freshest you can imagine. Even though it's not cheap per se, I don't think it's expensive either, and considering it's a sustainable way to eat local fish, I think that's great.

          1. Their product was great, but they appear to have gone out of business:


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