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Nov 17, 2012 10:41 AM

V olterra

Anyone hit their Kirkland version yet?

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  1. Yes, crowded, but very disappointing. Italian fast food. Watery pasta with tasteless sauces are prepared fast food style by the chefs.

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    1. re: tstrum

      I've heard mixed reviews. Went for dinner the first week they were open and it was very crowded and noisy. The food was hit and miss. Some friends went the following week and thought it was awful. Another friend tried the lunch/brunch a week later and thought it was great.

      1. re: FoodDee

        one of my buddies went there already and also did not have good things to say. he said they have a lot of kinks to iron out and the food that he likes at the ballard establishment was not the same.

      2. re: tstrum

        I gave the Ballard location a few tries a few years ago and was somewhat disappointed. Expensive wine was aggressively pushed as was the very expensive bottled water. I remember a rabbit ragu and a lamb shank as pretty good. But I felt the waiters seemed a little predatory.