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Nov 17, 2012 09:40 AM

Rats...Beefsteak Rye is a Hostess Brand

Didn't think we ate any of the Hostess stuff that's going away.

I bake my own sourdough rye now an then, but the "hearty" version of this was the best tasting commercial rye I've found. Guess I'll be baking more...

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  1. Hubby just reminded me of that today, too. Darn it. Beefsteak Rye is my favorite rye bread, also. We can't get it here in Georgia, so when we go north, I've stocked up now and then and froze a few loaves when I got home. I ration myself with a few slices now and then so it lasts longer.
    Last week when we were in Northwest Indiana, I picked up a loaf of Gateway Robust Rye made by Lewis Bakeries in Evansville IN. There was only one loaf of Beefsteak on the shelf, so I nabbed that one and one of the Robust Rye to try. It is surprisingly similar to Beefsteak!

    Can you post your recipe, or a link, for the sourdough rye? I have some rye flour in the freezer and some caraway seeds just waiting for me to find a good recipe.

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      I'll post my recipe later today.

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        Here's a picture of the recipe I've developed...keep in mind that I am not a "professional" recipe writer!

        1. re: Liz K

          Looks great! Thanks, Liz. I will print it up and may just make some in a few days for leftover turkey sandwiches.
          I have everything but the wheat gluten. Where do I get that? In the organic flour section of the grocery store?

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            Most common brand I see is Bob's Red Mill...often with other items from this same company:


      2. Don't expect to see all the Hostess brands disappear. They are in the process of selling the factories, recipes. and brands to other companies.

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          Hopefully, whomever takes over Beefsteak will start selling it here!

        2. Pepperidge farm makes a very good rye too, if that helps.

          1. Late breaking news today has the court sending Hostess back to the negotiating boards, so your favorites may not be quite dead yeat.

            1. Beefsteak Rye here in SE MI goes for about $3.69 per loaf when not on sale (not often enough). I love the taste, but this is a product far too over priced for my family food budget.