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Nov 17, 2012 08:51 AM

FnB Moving

I wonder if the move will also mean changes. Might need to make a visit before the end of the year.

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  1. Rather doubt there will be substantial changes to what they do - just the location/scene.

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    1. re: uhockey

      Sounds like the chef and maitre d' are breaking up with the owner. The current location has no chef hired as yet, and I heard the departing team plans to open something similar nearby.

      1. re: KAYLO

        Departing team already has a space, another restaurant, and wine merchant. They'll be fine.

        1. re: KAYLO

          I think the chef and the front of house/wine guy ARE the owners of the restaurant. The current location/building is owned by the same guy who owns Cowboy Ciao. I have no doubt that Charlene will continue to be the chef of FnB when it moves. The restaurant is the people who run it, not the building, IMO.

          1. re: mwest9

            hmmm... it was my impression when they opened that there were three partners: a silent one who put up the money, and the two talents who bought in with sweat and vision. I read somewhere that Charleen and Pavle are packing up their pans and puns and moving to the Baratin Cafe, leaving the premises and the name of "FnB" to the third guy, whose name I don't know.

            If the third man is the landlord, that makes some sense, but why would the landlord get to keep the name, and if that fellow owns , actually owns, the business, not just the real estate , of Cowboy Ciao, would he want a competitor in the same building? Usually lessees/business owners do not want direct competition right next door.

            Meanwhile, the talent at Atlas Bistro has left the owner , and the name "Atlas Bistro" there.....

            1. re: KAYLO

              I don't think anyone but the parties involved know the exact partnership arrangements. My impression is that all 3 (chef Charleen, GM Pavle, and "third man" aka Peter Kasperski/landlord) were all partial owners but Peter was completely silent as far as I could tell...until now.

              Atlas Bistro the chefs left - but they were never owners, nor represented themselves as "creating" the place so I think the situation is quite different. I think this is upsetting some FnB fans because Peter appears to be keeping the name out of spite (or for whatever reason) when he's never ran the restaurant, created the dishes, etc. and the restaurant has always been associated with Charleen and Pavle. Now I only know small amount about the law and maybe Peter does legally own the name but if he puts another chef in there I won't go to FnB expecting anything similar since it's not a Capital Grille where everything is standardized.

              Anyways KAYLO, I'm sure you knew most of this but I wanted to give my opinion for others who find this thread since it's likely if FnB continues to exist without Charleen and Pavle it will be vastly different.