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Nov 17, 2012 07:48 AM

ceramic tiles for oven. Where to buy?

I've read you can line your oven with unglazed ceramic tiles to make your own pizza/bread stone. Apparently everything I've read they're super easy to find. This hasn't been the case for me. I've called over 30 tile suppliers with no luck. Does anyone know anywhere in southern ontario who has these? thanks

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  1. I got ours at a local building supply. Just ask for fire brick splits. They're usually 4.4x9 inches and about 1-1/4 inches thick. Cheap too. I think I paid less than a dollar each for them.

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      I went to my local building supply shop. They don't have anything like that. That is basically what I'm looking for though

      1. re: Vicv07

        Rona shows firebricks in their inventory.

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          Thanks I'll check them out. Home depot and lowes had nothing so I assumed Rona wouldn't either. Everything is closed today so I'll see if some supply places are still open after work Monday. I checked out a huge garden supply center and they didn't have anything. Does it have to be a man made ceramic or can natural stone work too?

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        Found firebrick splits. $2.50 a piece but oh well. My question is though aren't firebricks an insulator?

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          Ok I think I made a mistake. For some reason I got the idiot idea to brush oil on the bricks to season them. Now the house stinks to hell and after reading up I may have ruined the bricks as they're not porous anymore. Are they ruined now?

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            You should not 'season' any brick, tile, pizza stone or professional pizza stone with oil. They don't need seasoning like a cast iron skillet does.

            I don't know if they are ruined or whether washing and drying will reverse what you did.

      3. If you're in/around Markham area, you can buy them at Alphatherm

        3335 14th Avenue Unit 1
        Markham, Ontario, Canada
        L3R 0H3
        TEL :(905)948-9949

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          Thank you but that's a 2.5 hour drive. I'm closer to hamilton

        2. I thought of that route but ended up buying a professional pizza baking stone called 'Fibrament'. I have had it 3 years now. It is almost the same size as my oven rack so no spilled pizza over the edge and I can even do 2 pizzas on it. I just keep it in my oven permanently, only taking it out to clean once in a blue moon. It's more expensive than buying tiles, but it's one piece, easier to remove and reinsert, has better heat holding qualities and doesn't ever crack. You get what you pay for.