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Nov 17, 2012 04:42 AM

Where do the Pros eat on Christmas Day in Charleston?

My son and his girlfriend work at Husk and McCrady's respectively. My wife and I are coming to spend Christmas with them and they only have Christmas Day off. I don’t want to make them cook on their only day off, so I would like to take them to an interesting restaurant that’s open on Christmas Day?
We’re doing The Macintosh on Christmas Eve and we want to try The Grocery and Two Boroughs Larder after Christmas, and of course, we’ll eat at Husk and McCrady's.
But where should we eat on Christmas Day?
Does anyone know what's open that day and have some suggestions for us?


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  1. Go to Open able to see what's open. I like Anson, Hank's and Magnolia's.

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      1. re: Emilybh

        Thanks for your responses.
        They have decided to cook on Christmas Day......
        Yea, I save money and get a great home-cooked meal.
        Crisis averted.