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Nov 17, 2012 04:33 AM

20/20 Food Fright 11/16/2012

On ABC's 20/20 last night, there was a boilerplate segment on the germiest items in restaurants, which suggested using Purell before you dine. (I would assume that the issue of triclosan contributing to development of resistant strains of bacteria, a.k.a. super-bugs, is known to the producers and researchers of a network news program). Then there was a segment awfulizing about the permissibility of injected salt solution and other flavorings in what is labeled as "all-natural" turkey. Since those additions are clearly described on the label, this is a moot point IMO. Back to food safety, and disregarding nepotism, Sandra Lee being the significant other of host Chris Cuomo's brother, Ms. Lee appeared to suggest that those bringing food to Grandma's house not do so if the trip is longer than 2 hours because of the risk of its being in the 40-140F danger zone. No mention of using a cooler or heat-insulating wrapping. Instead, she suggested taking the ingredients along and cooking them AT the host's home. Just what the harried turkeymaker does not need - another cook in the kitchen, using up counter and range space. Not having cable, I had never seen Sandra Lee before, though I've seen pictures of the terrifying Kwanzaa Cake. Clearly I haven't missed much.

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