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Nov 17, 2012 03:09 AM

any good and old fashoned cafeterias in DFW??

the institution of the cafeteria may have been wiped out by fast food

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  1. Highland Park Cafeteria is still around ... as with most cafeterias, you will probably bring down the average age when you walk in the door. My aunt was a big fan of cafeterias ... they definitely take me back to childhood, where no cafeteria meal was complete without a side order of hushpuppies, and those cold jello salads looked sooo beautiful and tempting ... my eyes were always bigger than my stomach.

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    1. re: foiegras

      I agree with foiegras. We think the Highland Park Cafeteria in Casa Linda shopping center (N/E corner) is the best cafeteria in Dallas.

      The food is "old time good" and we love it! We eat there as often as we can. And, the buffet servers are excellent.

      Lot's of handicapped parking, too. (if you get my drift).

      And, they have a live piano player playing there most all the time. It sure beats canned music.

      We think It's so much better than the new Furr's out on 75 and Parker in Plano. That place, (IMHO) doesn't even come close to HPC.

      Second best would have to be any of the Luby's cafeterias. Which in case you didn't know, are now owned by the Pappas family in Houston. (Pappadeaux's, Pappasita's, and, Pappas Steak House.

      1. re: twinwillow

        I LOVE HPC's Chicken and Dumplings on Wednesday and Saturday. I even take some home to freeze for later.