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Nov 17, 2012 02:28 AM

BEST: gefiltre fish. chopped liver. challah. latkes. noodle kugel.. matzoh ball soup

anywhere in the five boroughs

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  1. Overall. Meisners and Shicks in BP

    1. Deli Plus in Boro Park has great potato kugel. love the chopped liver, challah, chicken soup, and gefilte fish from Prime Butcher Baker. Love the sweet noodle kugel and yerushalmi kugel from meal mart on m. - i really like my own?

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        I nominate Green's in Williamsburg (Ross and BQE) for those whyo like a light fluffier potato kugel and serious heimishe challa and kokosh cake! Also Tiferes Bakery. Weiss in Boro Park for whole wheat challoh. gefilte fish is hard to say, Some places make a really sweet one which is fine if that is what you like, many others are too bland. Make your own, then you can have it the way you like it, or drown it with horseradish (which the typical American Jew does).
        I wish I could help you with chopped liver but stopped eating it when I started worrying about cholesterol.