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Cool place for biz dinner

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I'm going to be in LA in a couple of weeks from NYC and am looking for a cool/nice place to take a client for dinner. Bazaar was suggested and Laurel Hardware as well, but not sure if either spot is worthwhile? I'm more into farm to table and new American style food. Any suggestions?

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      1. Sotto. Not Laurel. Its way to crowded and loud.

          1. Gjelina
            Tasting Kitchen
            Tar & Roses

            1. Thank you everyone!

              Already have Gjelina reserved for one day. Have heard good things about it. Any must-haves on the menu?

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                The vegetable dishes are outstanding. The RI littlenecks I had with a curried broth were delicious.

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                  Brussel sprouts. Brown butter gnocchi. The pork belly. Butterscotch pot de cream.