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Nov 16, 2012 06:49 PM

F1 & BBQ

So hubs and I were talking and what with the new toll road down there, we're thinking, the Lockhart places will be slammed with touristas (hubs figures less than 10 minutes from the track). I'm amazed we haven't heard more from out of town (country) folks asking about this. I know I won't be hitting any of the obvious places this weekend and would love to hear how it all works out in the end.

I know hubs (we live at 2222 and 360) will be leaving here at 7:30 am and won't be home until after 9ish.

Unlike all the other festivals that hit here, this one is really close (and fast!) to the local meccas of bbq. I can only wonder if they're ready for the masses.

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  1. Does it matter if they are ready for the masses? This is a combination observation and gripe, sort of. But the best BBQ places don't have to be ready for the masses. They just serve till they run out then say sorry we're out. Why would this weekend be any different. I haven't been to Lockhart in years, so i don't know if they run out like Franklin's, Snows and Muellers do,
    Should they compromise quality so that they can serve everyone that wants it. Of course not. I'm not saying they should do anything different. I offer no solutions, guess i'm just rambling here.

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    1. re: TroyTempest

      From what I've been hearing, the exact opposite happened. Everyone local has been so afraid of the crush of people, they've been staying home and much of the restaurants south have been quieter than usual. Go figure.

      We took the tram to the Fan Fest yesterday and it was deserted downtown.

      1. re: amysuehere

        The traffic down south on the main arteries (First, Manchaca, Congress) was incredibly light for a Saturday night. We went to Canoli Joes and it was quite dead there. I don't know if that's normally like that on Saturday as I haven't been there for at least a year.