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Maple Yip Chowmeet - Request for 2nd Sitting by 'missed out ' members. Contact me if still interested

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Responses to the upcoming Cantonese Cuisine Chowmeet at Maple Yip had been an overwhelming success! All 22 slots were assigned for within the first 48 hours!

Quite a few interested chowhounders missed out on this opportunity and send me e-mail messages requesting for a 'possible 2nd sitting' ??!! I am honored and happy to oblige pending on the number of people interested.

With the holiday season fast approaching, I therefore proposed the 2nd sitting be on Thursday, 29th November at 7.00pm. Once again, to allow enough lead time for the chef to prepare our mainly 'off-menu' special tasting meal, please kindly e-mail me your interest by 24 November, the latest!

Menu, cost per person and criteria will be per 1st Sitting.

My e-mail address is posted in my profile. Please address all questions to me direct and NOT on this board! Thank You!!