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Nov 16, 2012 05:51 PM

Great Dessert to Bring for Thanksgiving? But...

We have limited resources....

We currently own a small baking sheet, and a medium sized loaf pan (along with the usual pots/pans). I could purchase one of those disposable aluminum pans if that would help. But any other cookware purchases are off the table as finances are limited.

I need to bring a dessert to a Thanksgiving celebration...6 people will be there, more may show up. I have the basics - flour, sugar, etc. and that's about it. Willing to buy ingredients but would like to make something that's very yummy, preferably somewhat decadent, and that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to make...

I know that leaves only ten thousand or so options...but any ideas anyone? I considered linzer tart cookies that someone on here gave me the recipe for (I can't remember her name!) - but they're kind of a pain in the patootie to make, and will take forever with the little baking sheet...Considered banana bread, but that's a little simplistic for what I was thinking, and I don't think my bananas will be ripe by then...

Anyway...any thoughts much appreciated?


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  1. Here's a good Pumpkin Roll recipe. It says it serves 10 and you the website will adjust it if you want to make more/less.

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      This looks delicious! I've never had a pumpkin roll...what a nice "fall-ish" idea!

      1. re: lovessushi

        I didn't look at the recipe so I don't know if that's what I've used, but pumpkin roll is easy to make, quite tasty and not very expensive either! And as you said, very 'fall-ish'. I was going to suggest some kind of decadent brownies with coffee ice cream, but the pumpkin roll sounds much more seasonal.

    2. Cookies are almost always well-received, though even if you cut the recipe, you'll have a lot of leftovers:

      Here's an easy yelllow cake recipe:
      And this icing is wonderful:

      Good luck :)

      1. This gingerbread is good, and can be baked in a loaf pan (making sure you don't overfill the pan). You can add the apples and saboyan if you like -- if that's too much, caramel and/or whipped cream is good. See towards the bottom of the link.

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          I second the gingerbread especially since it uses basic flour, brown sugar, molasses and spices. I made a batch two days ago and it's almost gone. I baked mine in a 9 inch square pan; it baked up moist & tender. Also can be baked in a 8 or 9 inch round cake pan (you could bake it in a cast iron or other oven proof 8 inch skillet), split it in half lengthwise once room temp and fill it with vanilla ice cream mixed with caramelized granny smith apples, cinnamon & a bit of brown sugar. Put the top on, freeze until firm and cut into wedgees. Dust with simple powdered sugar for a fabulous dessert.

        2. What about pumpkin mousse? Do you have a couple of large mixing bowls and a hand mixer?

          1. I wish I'd bought 2 half sheet pans (also called jelly roll pans, I think) much earlier in life; they are so very useful, not just for desserts. Should be reasonable at a restaurant supply house.

            Anyway, here are 2 suggestions:


            I originally got this crisp recipe on Chowhound but could not find it just now using search .. was able to get these by goggling Willie's Crisp. It's so easy, so good. Some think it's better using less than 1 cup of sugar in the crisp part. I've made it with 1/2 nectarines, 1/2 blackberries. Costco has fresh blackberries and fresh blueberries. If you cannot find fresh peaches or nectarines, you can use canned peaches. TJ has great peaches in a glass jar.
            I double the recipe and use the glass Pyrex (9X11 or 12?).

            (Great blog
            )This biscotti recipe worked perfectly for me (other biscotti recipes have NOT worked). Really easy (sorta) and delicious. I used dried cherries from Costco and I think it's even better than dried cranberries. If you don't like pistachio, almond slivers would work.

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            1. re: walker

              Thanks everyone! I love the ideas! I don't have a mixer, so that's another annoyance, but it sounds like I could make the cookies or gingerbread...or the crisp!

              Nice to know things are possible even when you don't seem to own any cooking equipment ;)

              I know the cookies and the bread could keep, but could the dough to a crisp keep over night? Or is it better to make it all at one time? I was hoping to bake the night before...

              1. re: lovessushi

                A simple apple tart is very easy. Just rill out a sheet of puff pastry dough generic/store brands are fine and cheap. Slice up a couple coking apples and layer them in the dough, leaving room along the edges. Rill up the edges, slight folding over the outer layer of apples to from a "crust", pour melted butter over the apples, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Bake until apples are tender and the the pastry dough is puffed and golden. Let cool and refrigerate. Reheat in a moderate oven and serve w/ vanilla ice cream.

                1. re: lovessushi

                  What's on top of the crisp is a crumble and it's fine overnight. Might be good idea to stick it in a 300 degree oven to warm it up before serving. After baking it the day before, after it cools, I would wrap foil on top and place in fridge but I don't know if the fridge part is really necessary.

                  Fellow hounds, what do you say?

                    1. re: magiesmom

                      Great, thank you! I am debating what to make from these great ideas!

                      1. re: lovessushi

                        So someone else is bringing a crisp..

                        I'm still considering the gingerbread, or the pumpkin roll. But then I was browsing and...

                        I found some interesting recipes and was hoping for some more opinions...
                        In addition to the above, I'm considering:
                        Pumpkin spice cupcakes with pumpkin cream cheese frosting (I could buy a disposable muffin tin, or maybe just spring for a cheap one)
                        Ginger spice sandwich cookies with lemon filling (bf loves ginger, and cookies don't need to be rolled out. There is a lot of mixing with a stand mixer though, so I would assume it would take a while to do it by hand)
                        Or spiced pumpkin oatmeal cookies with a maple drizzle (also says you should use a stand mixer).

                        For normal folks this isn't a major decision, but this is the first Thanksgiving I actually get to bring something I made (of my choosing), and I want to make the right thing. Plus bf thinks I can only make two desserts well, and I want to knock his socks off ;)

                        Thank you!!

                        1. re: lovessushi

                          would you consider making a pumpkin pie, or apple pie? Ingredients are cheap and you can just buy one of the disposable pie plates to use? I also like the gallette idea, I find this a great introductory pie, the crust is more like a tart crust and it is cooked on a baking sheet. You can use apples, peaches, pears or berries or a combo.

                          By any chance do you have a cast iron skillet? if so, a caramel pineapple or apple upside down cake would be a great option. Actually I believe you can do this in any oven proof skillet

                          1. re: lovessushi

                            I was going to suggest some molasses crinkles w/ lemon glaze before I read this post (since those are my favorite haha) but your ginger spice sandwich cookies sound great. Chances are there will already be something else pumpkin-y there, so the ginger spice will be a nice change. You could go to Target and buy a cheap hand mixer, or your grocery store might even carry them if it's a big one. I did that when I was visiting my BF (before I moved) and it was like $10 and did the trick for baking basic stuff.

                            I'm not a big fan of pies and stuff, so cookies on Thanksgiving are always a welcome addition, at least to me.

                            1. re: lovessushi

                              assuming someone is already making a pumpkin pie(?) i'd stick with the ginger route. ginger spice cake served with lemon curd was actually going to be my initial suggestion. if you'd rather make cookies, the ginger spice cookies with lemon filling sound lovely!

                              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                Thank you everone-and hi Ghg! :) so decidrd finally on the ginger cookies, pumpkin cookies, and a cranberry bread. But will definitely keep all these ideas for the holiday coming up!