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Nov 16, 2012 05:42 PM

75th BIRTHDAY in Hong Kong

Flying from San Francisco to Hong Kong to celebrate my 75th Birthday with family. Amber , The Chairman, Otto E Mezzo or a private kitchen has been suggested. I love a nice
atmosphere, but the food is more important

I really need help from
you foodies over there.


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  1. Amber is slick, very professional and superb French/international cooking, the Chairman has gret Cantonese food, waiters are friendly ( not so common in HK) and professional - but it is a small home grown place so no luxuries or too much polish. Otto is also pretty smooth, I didn't like it as I thought it was too much about turnover and whilst the food is good it isn't on my go back to list (nor on my friends). Private kitchens are very variable, Tbsp is really a restaurant with a pro kitchen and lots of staff, whilst others are much more basic. I find the food to ask vary, some is very high level professional, some sort of mid-market and some average home cooked (OK if that is the USPS but not if they have set the sights higher).

    I also think you will get different recommendations depending whether you live here versus a visitor and what your passion in food is. I live here and eat local food frequently , so for a special meal I tend to head to the Amber's and Caprice's of this world.

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    1. re: PhilD

      Thank you so much for your input. Let me just ask you about the Four Seasons Chinese
      Restaurant.? A friend here in (S.F.) tonight , said it was amazing. What do you think? You have
      helped me in narrowing things down. I really want it to be a special evening. I am leaning
      towards Amber, but thinking I will be in Hong Kong and maybe it should be a superb Chinese

      Again, many thanks.

    2. San Francisco and vicinity has enough great 'Western' Michelin restaurants to satisfy most discriminating palette. However, great Chinese ( Cantonese ) cuisine is no match for what Hong Kong has to offer. As such, I will suggest choosing a 'great Chinese Restaurant' instead.

      That being said, the Michelin 3* Lung King Heen you mentioned offers great view and service and good ( not great ) supper ( Luncheon 'Dim Sum' IMO fares better ). Food wise, the 2* Ming Court actually has better food. Ambience and service are both commendable! Another choice would be 'Teen Lun Heen' atop of the ICC. The panoramic view from 100+ floor up is spectacular and food is pretty good.

      However, for me, my choice will be to eat at the Michelin 2* Ryugin ( Modern Japanese Omakase ). Its flag ship brother is a 3* in Tokyo. However, due to the locale of Ryugin, the HKG Ryugin offers both great food and great view!!!

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        Thanks Charles. I really appreciate your input. I would never have heard of these
        restaurants if you hadn't posted... I like the sounds of Teen Lun Heen, if the food is really
        good plus the view. Sounds pretty spectacular.

        I know nothing about Japanese food, but maybe I should learn if you highly recommend it.

        I really appreciate your input.

        1. re: Cerise 37

          It is tricky to go wrong at the top restaurants in the top hotels in HK. But whilst TLH is high in the sky it doesn't face towards HK island, food and service is good, however the decor is a bit weird and not to my taste. LKH at the four seasons is grander than Ming Court which is a little dour - however it has been renovated recently. Another thought is Man Wah in the Mandarin Oriental, not great for the view but cosy and intimate.

          1. re: PhilD

            Man Wah - absobloodylutely love it! Been going back there again & again countless times in the past 2 decades. Still, IMHO, the best Cantonese dining option in HK, despite all the hoo-ha over those Michelin-rated places.

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Has been a one star for some time - new guide must be due soon - last one was out December 1st last year. It is always interesting!

      2. What a fantastic way the celebrate your birthday. I cannot suggest venues for your occasion, but; I noticed you received some recommendations from Charles Yu. He should be the mayor or a member of the tourist bureau for HK. He's pretty spot on w. his suggestions/recommendations. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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        1. re: joisey al

          THANK YOU! I so appreciate all of the input. I called my daughter in Hong Kong last
          night and she is so pleased with the response and suggestions and is checking things
          out. They have been to Amber and Caprice for Birthday and Anniversary's and they were special,, but we decided "when in Rome" in other words I've decided to go for Chinese cuisine for this very amazing Birthday. If any other idea comes to mind, let me know. We leave in December and probably should book asap.

          Here's to Chowhounds!