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Nov 16, 2012 05:28 PM

Brasov and Bucaresti Romania

Any suggestions for restaurants in Brasov and Bucaresti?

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  1. The best restaurant we ate at in Brasov was Sergiana. Excellent Romanian food in a festive atmosphere. The small plate of fried pork cracklings that they bring to the table when they take your order is wonderful. We returned twice later in the trip. Sergiana has become a popular landmark destination for dining so it should be easy to find it by asking your hotel clerk for directions.

    As for Bucharest there's a whole slew of restaurants in the rapidly gentrifying old downtown area. We walked around for hours and every place was seemingly booked as it was a warm Saturday night in early summer. We finally found an anonymous place that had a small outdoor sitting area which served quite good roast meats cooked on grills along with polenta. I'm sorry I can't remember the name, but I will say there were plenty of restaurants in this quarter of Bucharest that looked promising so you won't starve! The food in Romania was far better than we had expected and the wines cheap and excellent so it's merely a matter of time before Romania becomes a hot dining destination.

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      Thanks for information, appreciate your advice. Will definately check out Sergiana and will check out the old downtown area, love roasts cooked on grills. Mmmmm good!!!

    2. In Brasov we ate at the Serbian grill, which was OK. There was also a nice little place just off the main pedestrian street in the old part of town that was nice but cant remember the name. However, wines weren't as cheap as we thought they should be. Didn't have much luck in Bucharest w/anything memorable, nothing awful, just OK.