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Nov 16, 2012 05:21 PM


I had a very mediocre lunch with my Chinese wife, and decided not to go back. Then a Beijinger-experts on dumplings-said, "pretty good dumplings-acceptable by Chinese standards-mabye best in Montreal". So i went back without my wife. Someone posted a review a year or so ago saying that the food was going downhill. I visited the Chinatown location for lunch today upon my Beijing friends recommendation.


GOOD: I had the lamb dumplings-excellent dough. Insides were a little bit low quality ingredients. I loved the springy texture of the dough wrappings very much. The pickled daikon before the meal was good and fresh, and lightly pickled in a pleasant way. I loved that the food is made to order. Dovetails with my sensiblities

BAD: The soup-free with the lunch-was miso based soup-not Chinese-but Japanese. Very very bad quality compared to real Japanese miso soup, but I tend to by hypercritical when people try to replicate cuisine of another culture sloppily. Real miso soup is wonderful and healthy. This was not that. I am not even sure if they used dashi or even instant dashi mix. Dashi is such an amazing and magical basis for Japanese food. But I don't usually love it when without rhyme or reason, a Japanese dish shows up in a Chinese restaurant.

If I go back for dinner, I want to try the bones with brown sauce-what a name-I suspect it's oxtail with a hong shao style sauce, but I will drag my wife in and find out. I love well prepared Chinese take on braised oxtail.

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  1. If I recall correctly (50/50 at best...) the original, original location on St. Marc offered pork neck bones. Looked mored like the spine section usually trimmed off a slab of pork side ribs. "neck bone", I assume, can refer to "spine" especially when translation is involved. Plus "neck bone" sounds more appetizing than "spine".
    Regardless, they were delicious and were served with rubber gloves for eating with your hands.
    I don't know if this is the same as the bones that you refer to....

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      I don't know. But pork neck bones are great too. They are wonderful in a very famous Korean spicy soup dish called gamjatang. That soup is delightfully set off by shiso leaves (I forgot the Korean name for shiso). We will have to try it there. You can get gamjatang in Montreal, but not that great so far.

      Also, Hungroise occasionally does a delighful smoking of pork neck meat that is dried out and tastes great.

    2. bland bland bland. Gave them 2 tries and no more tries unless they get a new chef one day.

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        since day one only the lamb dumplings have been flavourful

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          I beg to differ. The pork and clam dumplings were really great as were the egg leek and shrimp, curry beef and a few others. It all seemed to go downhill when they had their baby and then opened the second one. The woman, who's family has the restaurant in Dalian and who used to run the kitchen, is never there anymore.

      2. Maybe I just lucked out, but the meal we had at Qing Hua (lincoln) was great. The pork and oyster dumplings were amazingly flavourful. I think they had pickled cabbage too ... The problem is there are so many different kinds to try, there are bound to be some misses on the menu. Would definitely go back though.

        1. It looks like Qinq Hua is moving (or maybe additional location) on St Catherine near St Marc on the north side.