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Nov 16, 2012 04:36 PM

What Vegetarian dish to bring for Thanksgiving?

So I am a semi-vegetarian (I don't eat meat/poultry/etc that's not pasture raised)...AND we've had the pleasure of being invited to a really lovely Thanksgiving. Informal, fun - everyone's bringing something. I know that Turkey will be the main feature - the host already shared his gf is bringing it, and he invited us to bring something.

My concern is that everything there will be made with the turkey drippings, or have bacon, or..or...or... so I was thinking I could make a vegetarian dish that could be a side, but also a main dish for me. I don't want to make a big fuss over myself, but I want to have something to eat!

Any thoughts? The gathering is right next door, so travel isn't an issue. Open to any ideas that are delicious, and ideally economical-

Thanks! :)

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  1. How about stuffing made with vegetable broth? You could also try making a butternut squash soup, whipped yams or some type of pasta salad.

    1. Eggplant parm? It would make a fine entree for you and a different side for your friends.

      1. For a (mostly non-veg) Thanksgiving I once made a nut loaf (at least you get protein). I seasoned it with typical stuffing seasonings (rosemary, thyme, marjoram) so it would taste "familiar". Went over well. Google it if you've never had it...

        But I like Saluti's idea of something with butternut squash. Yum!

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          I love the ideas! Eggplant parm sounds god but a bit challenging for me-lol. I like the idea of stuffing and soup and nut loaf-but think I'm leaning between soup and stuffing. I usually make butternut squash soup with just squash and ginger. Any other ideas for gussieng it up? I've never actually made stuffing, bt I can't imagine its all that difficult?
          I suppose stuffing, soup, and salad is a nice meal :)

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            I made the following couscous salad by Giada De Laurentis recently and it was very good. I used 2 cups of Swanson vegetable broth and 2 cups of water in place of the 4 Cups of low-sodium chicken broth and only 1/2 tablespoon of chopped fresh rosemary instead of the 1 1/2 tablespoons called for in the recipe. It's pretty easy and very tasty. You should check it out.


            Oh - and I also used only about 1/4 tsp. of pepper in the dressing. You can always add more if you like but I found that was enough for my taste.

            1. re: Saluti

              Ooh - this looks delicious! Thank you - I am now planning to make this for us before Thanksgiving! There is a similar dish at our local pub, and I have been looking for a recipe like it!

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              Add some nuts to the stuffing, like pecans, and/or red lentils to the soup so you get some protein. I make stuffing by winging it. I toss cubes of stale bread, sauted celery, mushrooms, onions, garlic with some chestnuts. Pour some beaten egg and veggie broth over and bake. Delicious!

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                Ina gartens butternut squash soup s great. I like the recipe that has the Thai inspired toppings. At the party, serve the toppings separately so everyone can help themselves

                1. re: cheesecake17

                  I don't know anyone who wants "Thai inspired toppings" at Thanksgiving.

                  1. re: pikawicca

                    The toppings were nuts, coconut and something else. Not really Thai, but that's how the recipe was referred to.

                    1. re: pikawicca

                      No only do I love the idea of "Thai-inspired toppings" at Thanksgiving, but I celebrated Thanksgiving at a Korean restaurant.

                      : )

                      Ina's butternut squash soup sounds fantastic.

                2. re: bellywizard

                  Nut loaf is very popular in Britain, even just this weekend the Guardian newspaper had a lovely one - for Christmastime, obviously, and you will find many more at UK sites. You can include chestnuts too!

                  I have made some wonderful winter squash main dishes of late - here in Qu├ębec we don't celebrate (Canadian) Thanksgiving so much - perhaps it was seen as a "Protestant" holiday, I dunno? But squash is one of the Three Sisters, alongside corn and beans, the foundations of agriculture among Indigenous Northeastern North-American peoples. Either would be welcome.

                  Eggplant Parm is simple! What is the problem, unless, of course, you are attending a vegan supper?

                3. I love this tempeh wild mushroom fricasee, very fallish and delicious. The article it is from has many other options too.

                  1. I used to make a sweet potato cranberry quiche that was a good addition to a Thanksgiving meal. I no longer have the recipe but I see there are lots of variations out there to choose from.

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                      @magiesmom - I would definitely try that fricasse! It looks delicious! But not for Thanksgiving unfortunately...I believe two of the guests might keel over if I

                      That quiche sounds good - I'm googling that now-

                      These are all great ideas for every day too, not just Thanksgiving..and I'm always looking for veg things to make for dinner, so thank you!

                      1. re: lovessushi

                        the alsatian pear kugel is one of the best things I ever ate.

                        How about a wild rice, pecans and onion stuffed squash dish, a small hubbard squash looks gorgeous?

                        Or a butternut squash lasagna?